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May 2, 2024

In This Edition

  • New Family Open House
  • Fees Due
  • Anastasia | School Musical 
  • Attendance | Step by Step Instructions
  • Host Families Needed
  • Become a Part of POET
  • Lottery/Recommitment Forms | Step by Step Instructions | Spots are filling-Register Now!
  • Lunch Information | New May Lunch Menu
  • NDPA Store 
  • SCIP Corner | New May Edition
  • Games Club 
  • Math Tutoring 

New Family Open House

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Fees Due

Dear families: 

 Please remember to check your student’s accounts for any fees due. 

Any students with balances will not be able to get a yearbook at the end of the year. 

Estimadas familias: 

Por favor recuerden chequear balances sin pagar en su cuenta de Aspire. 

Estudiantes con cuentas negativas no van a poder recibir su anuario.


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Did you know students are significantly more likely to be successful in school when they attend frequently?  When a student misses 10% or more of school, they are considered chronically absent, even if all those absences are excused. Our students seem to still be getting back into the routine of attending school daily since the pandemic.  We need our students in school to offer them the best of our educational value and resources.  Please make an effort to have your students in school as much as possible.  

Host Families Needed

HOST FAMILIES WANTED - Each year, NDPA hosts student teachers from Spain to help them accomplish their educational goals. We are currently looking for host families for school year 2024-2025. 

Host Family basic living arrangements: 

  • The Host Family provides free room, can share bathroom. 
  • Breakfast and dinner during the school week and most meals on the weekends. 
  • NDPA provides lunch during school time. 
  • Transportation to and from the school. 

If you are interested in hosting or want to explore the option, contact Begoña Fortun, bfortun@northdavisprep.org.

Lottery/Recommitment Form

This year you are required to register in two separate places. One in our lottery system, and one in Aspire. If you do not register in both places, your student WILL LOSE THEIR SPOT. Please follow the steps below to help you register your student.  

Lunch Information

Free and Reduced Lunch

Media Release


Cafeteria reminder: 

We are approaching the end of the year. In order to fund you student’s lunch account and ensure they will have enough balance you will need: 

$65.00 for 7-9th grades 

$54.60 for 1-6th grades 

  $10.40 If your student qualifies for Free & REDUCED (ALL GRADES) 



1-9   $39.00 


*This is assuming that your account doesn’t have a negative balance, if so, more funds might be necessary to ensure your child doesn’t end up with a negative balance. Number’s are based off of Thursday, April 18, 2024. 

Remember - No yearbooks will be distributed to any students with a pending balance. 

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Information on how to make payments in your student’s lunch account. 

Our cafeteria uses the SIP system for online payments. The system does not reflect updated account balances, it is just a portal to make payments. There is a credit/debit card fee for using this service. There is a 0.49¢ fee if you select payment by an e-check which will require your routing number and bank account. The ASPIRE account is the correct account.

In Aspire you will be able to: 

  • See Daily balance. 
  • See meals charged. 
  • See payments on account. 

Check and cash payments will be credited to your account within 1-2 school day after being paid. 

Online payments can take up to 8 School days to show in the account. We recommend using the SIP system when/if your student does not have a negative balance. Due to the waiting period that it takes for the payments to clear and be posted to your account, if you use this method, you will continue to receive automatic messages, and in some cases phone calls until the balance is no longer negative. 

If after 8 School days you do not see your online payment posted to your account, please contact Mrs. Hamblin. chamblin@northdavisprep.org. If after 2 School days you do not see your check or cash payment posted to your account, please contact Mrs. Foxley lfoxley@northdavisprep.org

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.  


Información para realizar pagos en la cuenta de almuerzo de su estudiante. Nuestra Cafetería utiliza el sistema SIP para realizar pagos en línea. No refleja saldos de cuentas actuales, es más bien solo un portal para realizar pagos. Hay un cargo por hacer pagos usando tarjeta de débito/crédito. Y un cargo de 0.49¢ si realiza un pago con cheque electrónico el cual requerirá su número de ruta del banco y cuenta bancaria. 

La cuenta ASPIRE es la cuenta correcta 

En Aspire podrá: 

  • Ver su Saldo diario. 
  • Ver comidas cobradas. 
  • Ver pagos hechos en su cuenta. 

Los pagos con cheque y en efectivo se acreditarán en la cuenta entre 1 y 2 días escolares después de haber sido pagados. 

Los pagos en línea pueden tardar hasta 8 días escolares en aparecer en la cuenta. 

Recomendamos usar el sistema SIP para hacer pagos cuando su estudiante no tiene un balance negativo. Debido al tiempo que se tardan los pagos en publicar a su cuenta, seguirán recibiendo mensajes automáticos y, en algunos casos, llamadas telefónicas hasta que el saldo deje de ser negativo. 

Si después de 8 días escolares no ve su pago, comuníquese con la Sra. Hamblin. chamblin@northdavisprep.org. 

Si después de 2 días escolares no ve su cheque o pago en efectivo, comuníquese con la Sra. Foxley. lfoxley@northdavisprep.org. 

Esta institución es un proveedor de igualdad de oportunidades. 

NDPA School Store

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SCIP Corner


This Year’s Progress 

COVID had a negative effect on student academics worldwide. Collecting regular data enables teachers to see where students may need more. Without a pandemic it takes a team to achieve student growth, it will continue to take student iniative, parent support, and teacher coaching to get back to pre-COVID norms.

* School Continuous Improvement Plan

Games Club

Games Club will run until May 17th. It will be every Friday when school is in session, except on the Fridays that have a school dance scheduled the same day. 

Games Club is for 6th-9th graders only and will run from 1:20 pm - 3:30 pm. Please plan to be here by 3:30 pm to pick up your student(s). 

A club fee of $10 will need to be turned in to the Jr. High front office before the student’s first session or on September 1st. Any session after that they will be informed that they still owe the club fee and will need to bring that to the office before they will be allowed to attend. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mr. Cameron at CPingree@northdavisprep.org

Math Tutoring

Math tutoring is Mondays through Thursdays from 3:15-4:00pm

Monday – 7th Graders, Tuesday – 8th Graders, Wednesday – 9th Graders, Thursday – 7th,8th, and 9th Graders 

Students must be in the classroom by 3:20 if they want to participate! 

Any questions please email: CPingree@northdavisprep.org.

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