Offering a full Spanish Dual Language Immersion educational program.

NDPA has the largest dual language immersion in the state of Utah for Grades K-9.

Ten years ago, Dual Language Instruction (DLI) was the hot new ticket – everyone got really excited. NDPA was a pioneer in Spanish dual immersion in Davis County. Districts have jumped on board as well and typically offer dual language.

NDPA had ambassadors come from Spain to Utah, and NDPA would host those diplomats regularly.

K-6 Spanish Exposure Classes

All Kindergarten students attend school for half day only, they participate in introductory Spanish language lessons as part of their curriculum.

Students in 1st through 6th grades, in exposure classes, are exposed to the Spanish language during Spanish class. As the year progresses teachers will add more and more Spanish to their instruction. Students may participate in class using either Spanish or English.

Students have 2 teachers during the year, an English-speaking teacher and a Spanish-speaking teacher, spending 50% of the school day with each teacher. Both teachers teach in English at the beginning of the year, but the Spanish teacher will begin to use more and more Spanish as the year progresses.

Students who are new to NDPA and have had no prior instruction in Spanish are placed in the exposure program for their first year.

K-6 Spanish Immersion

Students in 1st through 6th grades may participate in NDPA’s immersion program which is part of the Utah State Dual Language Immersion Program. Students spend 50% of their day with their English teacher and 50% of their day with their Spanish teacher. All communication by teachers and students in the Spanish immersion class is in Spanish.

Any student is welcome to apply for the immersion program regardless of their academic ability. Information regarding the process for enrollment in the immersion program for the next school year will be announced in NDPA…¡Qué Pasa! in April of each school year.

Junior High Spanish Classes

Spanish classes are required of all NDPA Junior High students every year. Beginning classes are offered for those students who have had no prior instruction in Spanish, advanced classes are available for students who are ready for a total immersion experience. Ninth graders have the opportunity to participate in the Spain Study Abroad program.

Gifted Students

Most of our gifted students in the elementary school enroll in the Immersion program. English-speaking teachers also provide extension activities for students who need to be challenged.

The Junior High curriculum offers some advanced classes.

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