Credit Recovery

In 9th grade, students begin to earn credit toward high school graduation. It is our plan that all students will leave NDPA with those necessary 9th grade credits which include Language Arts, Math, Biology, Computer Technology, Geography, Participation Skills and Techniques (PE), along with 1.5 elective credits. There are several options available for students and parents to recover credit when a student has failed a required class.

The NDPA Credit Recovery policy allows students who have failed a class to immediately make up the lost credit. This agreement is between the student and the teacher. If the student failed a class but earned 45% or higher they may request Credit Recovery from their teacher.

NDPA Credit Recovery Process:

  1. Pick up a Credit Recovery Form from the counselor.
  2. Take this form to the teacher and request Credit Recovery.
  3. If the teacher agrees to Credit Recovery, the teacher will complete the form.
  4. Take completed form to the secretary and pay $10.00
  5. Complete Assigned work within three weeks of the trimester’s end.
  6. Take receipt, completed work, and the Credit Recovery Form back to the teacher by the due date.
  7. When all steps have been completed teacher will post a D- grade and credit will be recovered.

Other Credit Recovery Options:

  • Northridge Learning Center
    • For information call (801)776-4532
  • Summer School
    • Fees vary
    • Offered at the high school you will attend during 10th grade
    • Schedule is available in May for most high schools