LaRetta Foxley

LaRetta Foxley

Nutrition Program

Why I Work at NDPA

LaRetta grew up working in the food and service industry. Starting when she was 8 years old, working for V’s Catering and Decorating, a family owned business, learning how to prepare great food and the importance of customer service.

She now enjoys using her talents to serve the Students at her school nutritious and delicious meals.

School lunch has been given a bad reputation and she is out to change that, proving you can serve meals to students that follow the government guidelines while still give students a variety to choose from. School lunch can be tasty and good for you. She loves creating new recipes for the kids to keep or kick. She also loves exposing them to new foods and flavors from around the world. She also enjoys getting to know the students by name and enjoys watching them learn and participate in school activities. We have a great group of kids at NDPA.

Working and being part of the NSLP for the past 15 years, not only does she enjoy the students and the food she serves them; she now enjoys using her lifelong loves of performing and learning, with those whom she works: finding ways to make work and life easier. It’s amazing how having the right tools can help you deal with the changes that happen in life. One simple choice can lead to change, and one change can affect so many lives.

“I want to be the positive change in the world and what better way than by sharing tools to help amazing people view life and its challenges in ways to make whatever comes easier to handle .”

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Interests and Hobbies

LaRetta’s first love is her family; her favorite titles are Wife, Mom, and recently adding Grandma to the list. There is nothing better than spending time with family; whether it’s camping, hiking, or just hanging out enjoying time with each other. From a young age, LaRetta also developed a love of performing, singing, dancing, and acting. She enjoys reading, Kayaking, Boating, Canning, doing things outside.