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Study Abroad – España!

The NDPA “Spain Study Abroad” program offers our students an extraordinary opportunity to spend several days living and learning in Spain._ What better way to perfect your language skills than living the culture and experiencing the richness of the language? Students will study at the clic in Spain, and will be encouraged to communicate in Spanish as much as possible during the trip. There will be many small group opportunities (such as shopping) that are carefully orchestrated to give students the independent opportunity to communicate with native Spanish speakers. For full details, download the announcement and registration form below.

-Make a Payment for Spain Study Abroad
-2023 Spain Trip Registration (pdf)
-2023 Spain Summer Work Application (pdf)
-Donation Receipts (docx)
-2023 Spain Study Abroad Flyer (pdf)
-Study Abroad Packing List (pdf)
- Keep up to date on this year’s Spain Trip by subscribing to Kim Lovell’s Spain Trip;
-2023 Spain Scholarship Application (pdf)
-2023 Spain Scholarship Rubric (pdf)
-Spain 2019 Video